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Creative brain exploring the intersections of art and modern life.

Artificial intelligence, blockchain, virtual & augmented reality — how are these innovative technologies disrupting the art world’s sales model.

Bosphorus: Data Sculpture by Refik Anadol

Innovations in technology are expanding access to the art world, increasing the speed of sales, and fundamentally changing how businesses operate in the art industry. Technology has changed the way art is bought and sold at three key steps of a sale, from how art is displayed, to how it is paid for, and finally how ownership is exchanged through new art business models. While technology increases the efficiency of the market, it also threatens to financialize, and commodify art, thus…

What does it mean to be American? An Exploration of Identity in Art

Artists use symbols like the American flag and depictions of the United States to explore what it means to be ‘American’.

How do you define American?

Is it a set of ideals? Are your actions what make you an American? These artists explore the meaning behind building an American Identity.

Glenn Ligon

Runaways is broadly about how an individual’s identity is inextricable from the way one is positioned in the culture, from the ways people see you, from historical and political contexts.” — Glenn Ligon (from MoMaLearning Runaways)

Double America 2 by Glenn Ligon


How Modigliani’s ‘mask-like’ portraits show his introspection on identity.

When it comes to modern art history Modigliani’s portraits are of particular interest. Making up a majority of the Italian artist’s body of work, the portraits are curiously unconstrained to a single style. Mask-like and sculptural they feature long faces with slit eyes and small mouths.

Google Arts & Culture

Diving deeper into one particular work of his, the Portrait of Paul Guillaume (1916), we can analyze the stylistic features of this painting and see how Modigliani, through a multidisciplinary approach, depicts the mutability of identity in these ‘mask-like’ portraits.

“When I know your soul…

Virtual reality and immersive multimedia installations offer an opportunity to connect with our identities in new ways.

The Center for Humans & Nature highlights, “Our identities are so intricately intertwined with our surroundings that the subtle yet powerful influences of place, which mold us, often go unrecognized…Our understandings of these intimate feedback loops are paramount to healthy relationships with the whole community of life…not only through awe-inspiring nature spaces, but also wild urban places, and everywhere in between.”

It’s no surprise then, that as our surroundings become limited by our restricted movements for our own common safety, as per guidelines

Should we really be concerned about the theft of jewels, paintings, and artworks?

Lately, there’s been an onslaught of stolen art making the headlines. The Rembrandt rumble, German art disappearing in China, €20,000 of stolen art selling through Sotheby’s.

Why do we care when artworks are stolen?

Dulwich Picture Gallery OLI SCARFF/GETTY IMAGES

There’s a sense of mystery that stokes our imaginations into the realm of fiction. Glamor and exclusivity — is it the media hype that makes these thefts so interesting to the public? Or perhaps they’re heavily covered by journalists because it so interests us?

Undoubtedly, the art world continues to be filled with mystique and intrigue. Occurrences attract more attention than say the business or politics…

The Parthenon Marbles (Elgin Marbles) and Benin Bronzes have precedence from cases like Klimt’s Lady in Gold and Egon Schiele’s Portrait of Wally.

©US National Archives — The Art Newspaper

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Art restitution litigation resulting from looting during times of war has proven to be strenuous and murky. There is no set legal framework for individuals to file claims of rightful ownership and generally, the economic motivation behind purchases lead to reluctance, on the side of defendants, to amicable arbitration. These cases are then an intersection of international, local and foreign laws; thus the lack of a framework makes it even more difficult for claimants to pursue their…

Brie Hayashi

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